SharePoint 2010 Secure Store shared service is not responding

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When trying to manage the Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2010 I ran into an error stating that the “secure store shared service is not responding…”

ULS logs dumped the following critical error message:

08/30/2013 12:27:50.80	w3wp.exe (0x1AEC)
0x16E8	Secure Store Service
Secure Store
The Secure Store Service application Secure Store Service is not accessible. The 
full exception text is: The HTTP service located at 
is too busy.

After stumbling around google for a while, I came across the following article which suggested that the Security Token service needed to be reprovisioned:

PS C:\Users\uhleeka> Get-SPServiceApplication

DisplayName          TypeName             Id
-----------          --------             --
Secure Store Service Secure Store Serv... a785c55d-74fe-4c36-b3f0-ead5ce920fd0
State Service        State Service        da12d0c8-4455-4ff0-8d78-fafc17495f72
PerformancePoint ... PerformancePoint ... 287024db-317b-4157-b1cf-48fad7997e46
Visio Graphics Se... Visio Graphics Se... e67b7b0b-89c7-413e-97a3-3bdd2181c2e3
Managed Metadata ... Managed Metadata ... 9a407eef-f763-4f8a-a40e-13fcfc731372
Web Analytics Ser... Web Analytics Ser... 9a6bd1b0-3318-4018-b06f-e9bfcbeab042
Excel Services Ap... Excel Services Ap... ae2b3782-8434-4259-8941-de7f6a10e752
Security Token Se... Security Token Se... aea1b402-c567-414a-87ec-de78ef1c050d
Application Disco... Application Disco... aa7cd819-184e-4be3-97ce-bab1ddaa5ccb
Usage and Health ... Usage and Health ... 6c149bc0-1d6f-464a-a191-51afa27e9f89
Search Administra... Search Administra... 9f714436-729e-42ea-a8f0-94cc9f659d7d
Word Automation S... Word Automation S... 5849509b-27bb-4ea3-9377-77261832f58b
User Profile Serv... User Profile Serv... ad8c6f20-4f57-4c6b-82c1-2ff2e4c3894c
Business Data Con... Business Data Con... b352de0b-1bb4-4998-83c2-93d239abcabf
Search Service Ap... Search Service Ap... 14e512ae-59fa-4a21-9cfd-9cfbc7392293

PS C:\Users\uhleeka> $sts = Get-SPServiceApplication | ?{$_ -match "Security"}
PS C:\Users\uhleeka> $sts

DisplayName          TypeName             Id
-----------          --------             --
Security Token Se... Security Token Se... aea1b402-c567-414a-87ec-de78ef1c050d

PS C:\Users\uhleeka> $sts.Status
PS C:\Users\uhleeka> $sts.Provision()

PowerShell to the rescue. Thankx sowmyancs!

Git Sparse Checkout

From the root of your local git repo:

uhleeka@uhleeka.local /cygdrive/c/projects/test (master)
$ git config core.sparsecheckout true

uhleeka@uhleeka.local /cygdrive/c/projects/test (master)
$ echo a_directory_i_want_to_include/ > .git/info/sparse-checkout

uhleeka@uhleeka.local /cygdrive/c/projects/test (master)
$ echo another_directory_i_want_to_include/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout

uhleeka@uhleeka.local /cygdrive/c/projects/test (master)
$ git read-tree -m -u HEAD


uhleeka@uhleeka.local /cygdrive/c/projects/test (master)
$ ls
a_directory_i_want_to_include/ another_directory_i_want_to_include/
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