Install Windows XP Guest on Ubuntu 9.04 Host

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Create a Windows XP VirtualBox guest from scratch using a SATA harddrive.

  • Download the Windows XP Intel SATA Drivers and unzip to extract F32.IMA
  • Hit F6 during setup to select the Intel(R) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M)
sudo -i
VBoxManage createhd --filename /srv/virtualbox/harddisks/CHANGEME.vdi --size 20480 \
    --variant Standard
VBoxManage createvm --name CHANGEME --ostype "WindowsXP" --register \
    --basefolder /srv/virtualbox/machines
VBoxManage modifyvm CHANGEME --memory 1024 \
    --boot1 dvd --boot2 disk --boot3 none --boot4 none \
    --sata on --sataportcount 1 \
    --sataport1 /srv/virtualbox/harddisks/CHANGEME.vdi \
    --dvd /srv/virtualbox/iso/WindowsXP_sp3.iso \
    --floppy /srv/virtualbox/floppy/F32.IMA \
    --nic1 bridged --bridgeadapter1 eth0

Start the VM without a gui (note: the ampersand executes the command and returns you to the prompt)

VBoxHeadless --startvm CHANGEME &

Start the VM without a gui and without VRDP (after you have loaded the os and configured remote desktop accessability).

VBoxHeadless --startvm CHANGEME --vrdp off &

Stop the VM in a saved state

VBoxManage controlvm CHANGEME savestate

Power off the VM (like pulling the plug)

VBoxManage controlvm CHANGEME poweroff